Release Notes

v 1.171

28 April 2020

  • EnhancementAdd "Requester commented" Monitor trigger.
  • EnhancementAdd Status and Extended Status to Routing condition options.
  • EnhancementPurchase Item import support.
  • EnhancementAbility to add new Purchase Items when adding them to a Purchase Order.
  • EnhancementImprove the Requester block on Ticket details view when the Requester belongs to lots of groups.
  • EnhancementAdd additional Contract details to the Contract list on CI details page.
  • EnhancementAdd Watcher "is set"/"is not set" predicates to Ticket advanced search.
  • EnhancementWhen submitting a Service Request which includes a date field, the date format in the resulting Ticket description is now MM/DD/YYYY.
  • EnhancementAbility for the Requester to close their Tickets.
  • FixFix scheduler search not remembering the search params.
  • FixFix the Announcement bar being duplicated in certain situations.
  • FixFix Announcement editing permissions - fell under "E-mail" permissions, now correctly under "General".

v 1.170

5 April 2020

  • FeatureAdded a new report that shows the status of Users' password reset question answers.
  • EnhancementAbility to bulk-add Groups to Users.
  • EnhancementShow linked Ticket statuses and Extended Statuses on Problems and Changes.
  • EnhancementAbility to bulk-link Tickets to a Problem.
  • EnhancementAbility to bulk-link Tickets to a Change.
  • EnhancementAbility to add a Ticket to an existing Change on the Ticket screen.
  • EnhancementPerformace enhancements on the CI listing page.

v 1.169

31 March 2020

  • EnhancementRe-introduce searching by partial CI name when using CI simple search.

v 1.168

28 March 2020

  • FeatureAllow Agents to switch between Agent and Requester views.
  • EnhancementAdded an "E-mail assigned Agent" Monitor action.
  • EnhancementAdded CSV export to Ticket Timesheet Summary report.
  • EnhancementShow additional Ticket information on User screen.
  • EnhancementRemove Ticket system search "Tickets I submitted" since it was giving confusing results depending on the permissions the Agent has. This is now replaced by the possibility to switch to the Requester view.
  • EnhancementInclude CI description in the searchable columns when using CI simple search. Improve performace of that search by 10 times in the process.
  • FixFix Approval Notifications for Requesters not being available on some Accounts.
  • FixFix User bulk delete not working when one of the deletable Users can not be deleted.

v 1.167

17 March 2020

  • EnhancementAdded "E-mail Requester" Monitor action.
  • EnhancementCopy ability for knowledge base Articles.
  • EnhancementPossibility to manually assign a CI to a Purchase Order.
  • EnhancementPossibility to delete a CI via the API.
  • EnhancementA warning has been added when editing a password reset question when that question has already been answered by Users.
  • EnhancementAbility to sort on the Contracts listing page.
  • FixFix an issue where only one widget worked properly when having multiple Ticket Team Distribution widgets on dashboard.

v 1.166

6 March 2020

  • FixFix Helpdesk Timesheet Summary report Agent filter not working.

v 1.165

5 March 2020

  • EnhancementData filtering part of reports has been re-worked. All the search filters are now always visible on the left side of the page.
  • EnhancementPossibility to filter Tickets by receiving Postbox.
  • EnhancementPurchase Order Item part number added to Purchase Order Items list.

v 1.164

27 February 2020

  • EnhancementAdded "during last N days" predicate to timestamp filters on advanced search.
  • EnhancementAll Requester dropdowns now include duplicate name info.
  • FixFix integrations header appearing twice on Ticket details page.
  • FixFix wording on Approval Request approval/decline/cancel popup to make it more clear.

v 1.163

10 February 2020

  • FeatureTicket aging report.
  • FixFix missing report translation when scheduling a report.
  • FixFix Ticket SLA violation summary report by adding the SLA violation the the Agent who was the assignee *at the time of the violation* not who is the assignee now.

v 1.162

6 February 2020

  • FeatureTicket SLA violation report.
  • EnhancementAdd SLA violation badges to Ticket listings when a Ticket SLA has been violated.
  • EnhancementAdd Updated At to Knowledge Base article list.
  • EnhancementAdd Extended Status distribution pie charts to Ticket Summary, Agent Summary and Team Summary reports.
  • EnhancementOn the Ticket end-user view, do not let the User comment on a closed Ticket without re-opening it first.
  • FixFix AD UUID filter on Users' advanced search.
  • FixFix AD UUID filter on CIs' advanced search.

v 1.161

29 January 2020

  • EnhancementFor Users with duplicate names, allow selecting between username and e-mail for the additional identification part.

v 1.160

28 January 2020

  • FeatureClubhouse integration - possibility to create Clubhouse Stories from BOSSDesk.
  • EnhancementAPI v1: ability to add/remove users to CIs.
  • FixRemove Event Log tab from Scheduled Task details view - it does not support Event Logs.

v 1.159

19 December 2019

  • FeatureE-mail whitelist patterns. A reverse variant of e-mail ignore patterns that only allow Tickets to be created when sender e-mail matches a whitelisted pattern.
  • FixImproved redirect behavior for Agents after submitting a Service Request. Depending on the permissions of the created Ticket, the Agent is either redirected to the Ticket view in Agent portal, Ticket listing in Agent portal or Ticket view as a Requester.

v 1.158

12 December 2019

  • EnhancementAdd Ticket ID to available e-mail notification placeholders list.

v 1.157

10 December 2019

  • FixFix reports date range select not remaining selected after page reload.

v 1.156

25 November 2019

  • FixFix Routing Rule form when a Service Request Custom Field option, that was used in conditions, has been deleted.

v 1.155

21 November 2019

  • EnhancementAdded "is not" condition predicate options to SLA configuration.
  • EnhancementWhen deleting a Custom Field warn the User if there is Custom Field data saved on objects.

v 1.154

7 November 2019

  • EnhancementSearching Tickets by their ID now works on the Requester portal too.
  • FixFix Agents sometimes being redirected to the Requester portal side when creating a new Ticket.
  • FixFix Tickets not being created via e-mail when incoming e-mail "from" address was invalid. It now creates a Ticket with a blank Requester field.

v 1.153

5 November 2019

  • EnhancementAdd a Requester filter to Number of Tickets widget.
  • FixFix image adding popup being broken on the rich text editor.
  • FixDo not allow changing Custom Field type after it has been created.

v 1.152

23 October 2019

  • EnhancementSplit "Ticket create (as an Agent)" Role permission into two - "Ticket create (as an Agent)" and "Service Request submit (as an Agent)". The latter permission is the new one and allows submitting Service Requests for other Users. This will allow more granular access control in situations where regular Ticket creation can be disabled while submitting a Service Request to another User is still allowed.
  • EnhancementEvent Logs list: add filtering by event action type.
  • FixWhen adding a Purchase Item to a Purchase Order, Item price is now automatically carried over to the form.

v 1.151

17 October 2019

  • FixWhen Approval Request or Task e-mail notifications are replied to, they will now create a private comment to Ticket, Problem or Change.
  • FixFix not being able to save a Saved Search as global even when the checkbox is checked.

v 1.150

10 October 2019

  • EnhancementImprove accessibility in accordance to Section 508.

v 1.149

4 October 2019

  • FixFix Number of Tickets widget linking to Ticket search without time filters (Created At and Closed At).

v 1.148

3 October 2019

  • EnhancementAdd a "Source" filter to Number of Tickets widget.
  • FixFix BOSSDesk Postboxes when an Account is using a custom domain.

v 1.147

27 September 2019

  • FeatureSAML authentication support.
  • EnhancementShow more detailed Requester information on Requester select box on Service Request and Ticket forms.
  • EnhancementOption to hide the Service Request form in cases where it's needed to redirect Users to an external site.

v 1.146

24 September 2019

  • EnhancementAdd an option to request approval from a User who is not part of an Approval Board.
  • EnhancementAdd "Closed At" filter to Number of Tickets Dashboard Widget.
  • EnhancementImprove accessibility in accordance to Section 508.
  • FixVendor support URL is now automatically prefixed with "http://" if it does not have a protocol - fixes the resulting link.
  • FixRemove admin documentation link from the end-user view.

v 1.146

7 September 2019

  • FeatureScheduled reports.
  • EnhancementAdd a bell icon to the header bar that lists all the active Announcements even if they have been dismissed by the User.
  • FixFix Comment visibility button on Ticket bulk edit form.
  • FixWhen deleting a Ticket it now unlinks itself from a Change to match the behaviour with linked Problem.

v 1.145

23 August 2019

  • EnhancementIntroduce run limit option to Scheduled Tasks to allow running them a specific amount of times.

v 1.144

21 August 2019

  • EnhancementEnable creating Task hierarchies with "Add Tasks" routing action.
  • EnhancementAllow creating of global Saved Reports, similar to global Saved Searches.
  • EnhancementFeedback message box now accepts rich text.
  • FixFix loading of Event Logs when object Event Log tab is open and the page is refreshed.
  • FixFix login form input labels when browser saves credentials.

v 1.143

16 August 2019

  • EnhancementAdd "Total Time Open" column to Ticket advanced search column chooser. It returns the total time a Ticket has been in open state.
  • FixFix sorting of Articles by visibility.

v 1.142

14 August 2019

  • EnhancementAdd additional columns to Ticket advanced search column chooser: Problem #, Change #, Comment count, Approval Request count, Time Entry count and Task count.

v 1.141

8 August 2019

  • EnhancementAdd additional inverse predicates to all advanced searches (is not, does not contain, etc).
  • FixCanned Responses are now appended to the existing Comment, instead of replacing them.
  • FixFix Problem and Change listing view column selectors not working.

v 1.140

25 July 2019

  • EnhancementAbility to set up Task dependencies on Service Request form.

v 1.139

22 July 2019

  • EnhancementNotifications for locked Tasks are not sent out until Tasks are unlocked.
  • FixFix advanced search icon missing on Tasks listing page.

v 1.138

16 July 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: expose Task parent in the Ticket response.
  • FixFix adding a Canned Response adding too much white-space.
  • FixFix sub-Task unlocking when the parent Task gets deleted.

v 1.137

12 July 2019

  • EnhancementAdd "is not" and "does not contain" predicates to several Ticket Routing conditions.
  • FixFix not being able to delete a Custom Field when it's used in Routing Rule Actions.
  • FixFix not being able to delete a CI when it's linked to another CI on certain conditions.
  • FixFix Task Scheduler not showing a run error when Ticket creation fails on certain conditions.

v 1.136

10 July 2019

  • EnhancementAbility to add Tags to Tickets on Ticket bulk edit form.
  • FixFix not being able to remove an archived Watcher.

v 1.135

4 July 2019

  • FixFix Ticket description and Comment formatting when dealing with long text.

v 1.134

27 June 2019

  • FixMinor UI fixes.

v 1.132

26 June 2019

  • EnhancementPerformance enhancements on Tickets listing page.
  • FixMinor UI fixes.

v 1.131

18 June 2019

  • EnhancementMove Task, Time Entry and Approval Request adding buttons at the top of their lists for a more convenient and scroll-free adding experience.
  • FixFix Task list UI.

v 1.130

14 June 2019

  • FixFix Routing Rules not saving when a "Created At" condition is present.
  • FixFix SLA form UI glitches.

v 1.129

13 June 2019

  • EnhancementApproval Request notifications for Issue Requesters.
  • FixFix multiple UI glitches, including Announcements.
  • FixFix CI import by making existing CI search case-insensitive.

v 1.128

12 June 2019

  • EnhancementImprove accessibility in accordance to Section 508 standards.
  • EnhancementImproved print view for Problems - now includes more information.
  • FixFix issues saving Holiday Calendar Days when creating a new Holiday Calendar.

v 1.127

6 June 2019

  • EnhancementPossibility to bulk add options to Custom Fields of dropdown type.
  • EnhancementSLA response/resolution time selection is now more flexible and allows instead of a fixed selection to select any time value.

v 1.126

5 June 2019

  • EnhancementImprove incoming e-mail ignore filtering. Add filtering by sender and e-mail body and also allow each Postbox to have their own filters.
  • EnhancementPerformance enhancements on Ticket listing and Event Log listing pages.
  • FixFix Problem and Change exports only returning 30 items.

v 1.125

4 June 2019

  • EnhancementAdd filters to Ticket Team Distribution widget.
  • EnhancementAPI: add Groups listing method.

v 1.124

28 May 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: return default Helpdesk Category and default Team with Account info query.
  • FixFix a scenario where an e-mail creates a new Ticket instead of adding a Comment to an existing Ticket.
  • FixFix Agent autocomplete field when editing a Task template on a Service Request.
  • FixDisable HP warranty information collection until HP enables their warranty API again.

v 1.123

16 May 2019

  • FeatureDependent/tiered Tasks.
  • FixFix Ticket bulk export not working when a Ticket has Time Entries.

v 1.122

12 May 2019

  • FeatureCanned Responses for adding preset responses to Ticket Comments.
  • FeatureCustom Fields for Contracts.
  • Enhancement Ticket Monitor additions:
    • "Time spent in current status" timed trigger
    • "Time spent in current extended status" timed trigger
    • "Set Category" action
    • "Set Team" action
  • EnhancementRequester Group added to Number of Tickets Dashboard Widget filters.
  • EnhancementCSV export of Problem and Change lists.
  • EnhancementCascading Dropdown values are now shown with full hierarchy (e.g "parent -> child1 -> child2").

v 1.121

7 May 2019

  • EnhancementUser list now includes CSV export option.
  • FixFix Problem Event Logs not showing Watcher changes properly.
  • FixFix Ticket list sorting by 'Closed By' User.

v 1.120

3 May 2019

  • EnhancementSatisfaction Survey settings now include a Team filter.
  • EnhancementTags filter added to Problem and Change advanced search.
  • EnhancementRequester Groups column option on Ticket advanced search column chooser.

v 1.119

2 May 2019

  • FixFix Ticket/Problem/Change notification e-mails not including attachment files when a Comment was created via e-mail.

v 1.118

1 May 2019

  • EnhancementCI advanced search now includes MAC address filter.
  • EnhancementMore details added to Change print view (tasks, approvals and time entries).

v 1.117

29 April 2019

  • EnhancementOption on Email Notifications to send the actual Attachment files with the e-mail on Ticket, Problem, Change and Comment notifications.

v 1.116

10 April 2019

  • FeatureInitial version of Ticket Monitors for monitoring Ticket changes and running actions based on conditions.

v 1.115

3 April 2019

  • EnhancementColumn selector for Problem advanced search.
  • EnhancementColumn selector for Change advanced search.
  • EnhancementPossibility to bulk edit CI Model.
  • EnhancementAPI: add Notes to CI details request.
  • EnhancementAPI: add Attachments to CI details request.

v 1.114

25 March 2019

  • EnhancementAdd Attachment e-mail template placeholders.
  • EnhancementStart recording Ticket Agent and status changes for features/reports coming in the near future.

v 1.113

18 March 2019

  • EnhancementEvent Log support for Contracts.
  • FixFix glitches when adding placeholders to e-mail templates.
  • FixFix issues when adding multiple Tasks in Routing Rule actions.

v 1.112

14 March 2019

  • EnhancementA new condition option for Routing Rules: Ticket creation time inside/outside business hours.
  • FixFix Number of Ticket widgets not working when creation time and Tag filters are selected at the same time.
  • FixAPI: fix WWW-Authenticate header being added to the response when authentication fails on certain conditions.

v 1.111

12 March 2019

  • EnhancementAdd date range inputs to the Ticket list on the end-user portal.
  • EnhancementAdd print views for Changes.
  • FixFix Event Log list having a horizontal scrollbar when the event text is long and wide.
  • FixFix Ticket/Problem/Change Comment text area losing the text when you open the Ticket/Problem/Change page via going forward or backward on your browser history.
  • FixAPI: fix Ticket statuses on the end-user side. They are only "open" and "closed" now.

v 1.110

8 March 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: add CI Attachment manipulation methods.
  • FixFix formatting issues on Ticket description and Comments when they contain long strings (mostly URL-s).

v 1.109

6 March 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: add Ticket manipulation methods for end-user Tickets (list, show, create, re-open, commenting).
  • EnhancementAPI: add support for adding/updating/removing CI Notes.
  • FixFix formatting issues on Ticket description and Comments when they contain long strings (mostly URL-s).
  • FixFix Ticket status not updating on the end-user portal.

v 1.108

1 March 2019

  • FixFix e-mail parsing when pulling IMAP Tickets from Office 365.
  • FixFix scrolling on Ticket and CI autocomplete controls.

v 1.107

27 February 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: add Task close and reopen methods.
  • EnhancementAPI: added Team listing request.
  • EnhancementAPI: added Task Type listing request.
  • EnhancementCI advanced search: add Warranty filters.
  • EnhancementAdd Tag filter to Number of Tickets widget.

v 1.106

21 February 2019

  • EnhancementAPI: add Task creator and creation timestamp to Task info.
  • EnhancementAdvanced search: add more predicates to Custom Field filters (is set/not set, present/blank, etc).
  • EnhancementIMAP Postbox stability improvements.
  • FixMove SMTP settings under the same Subscription setting as custom IMAP Postboxes.

v 1.105

5 February 2019

  • EnhancementAdded Group info to Ticket Summary and Ticket Timesheet Summary reports.
  • FixFix invalid Comment author E-mail Notification placeholders being created.
  • FixFix report saving sometimes not working.

v 1.104

31 January 2019

  • FixFix CI CSV import in some cases when no Tags were present in the input file.

v 1.103

17 January 2019

  • EnhancementAdd column chooser to Users advanced search.
  • EnhancementAPI: add CI control number auto-assignment info to "/account" request.
  • FixFix navigation (back and forward buttons) sometimes not working on pages with tabs.

v 1.102

16 January 2019

  • FixFix a rarely occurring issue where Ticket description includes HTML or CSS definitions when Ticket was created via e-mail.

v 1.101

11 January 2019

  • EnhancementWhen importing CI's via CSV, an already existing CI will be overwritten and not generate an error like previously.

v 1.100

10 January 2019

  • FeatureIMAP postbox support.
  • EnhancementWhen a Ticket is associated with a Change, show that info on the Ticket page.

v 1.99

7 January 2019

  • EnhancementAdd a possiblity to copy a Role.
  • EnhancementAdd Ticket number filter to advanced search.
  • EnhancementAPI: add CORS headers and enable preflight check.
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v 1.98

23 December 2018

  • EnhancementAdded "description does not contain" condition option to Ticket routing.
  • FixFixed a situation where the datepicker did not work properly on the Ticket creation form.

v 1.97

21 December 2018

  • EnhancementAdded print views for Problems.
  • EnhancementAdded authentication type option to SMTP settings.

v 1.96

19 December 2018

  • FeatureAdded a helpdesk timesheet report which includes time entries from Tickets, Problems and Changes.
  • EnhancementCustom reports are now in their own tab on the reports page.
  • Enhancement"All time" date filter on reports has been removed. Now all the reports require the user to select a date range.
  • EnhancementSearch added to Groups listing.
  • EnhancementGroups edit form now includes member editing.
  • FixOn the Requester portal only show public comments for Problems and Changes.
  • FixFix double pop-up dialog when creating a Problem or Change from Tickets.

v 1.95

10 December 2018

  • EnhancementPossibility to limit sending out Satisfaction Surveys to specific Ticket Categories and/or Service Requests.

v 1.94

7 December 2018

  • EnhancementPossibility to set the ordering of Service Requests.
  • FixFix Watchers receiving private Ticket/Problem/Change Comment e-mail notifications.

v 1.93

4 December 2018

  • EnhancementA new permission and ability to delete Ticket/Problem/Change Comments.
  • EnhancementAgent filter on Ticket/Problem/Change lists is now sorted by first name, last name like all other Agent filters.
  • FixFix column widths on some tables.

v 1.92

29 November 2018

  • EnhancementAbility to choose which Groups are sent the Satisfaction Survey.
  • EnhancementAbility to customize Service Request Group ordering.
  • EnhancementAction buttons on the Tasks tab are now always visible, not only on mouse hover.
  • FixFix formatting on the Ticket description field by adding more margin between paragraphs.

v 1.91

26 November 2018

  • EnhancementAction buttons on the Approvals tab are now always visible, not only on mouse hover.
  • FixFix a rare issue where Ticket update or close button no longer worked.

v 1.90

23 November 2018

  • EnhancementSort Agents by first name, last name on select boxes.
  • EnhancementAPI: add Ticket Task manipulation methods.
  • FixFix a typo on new CI and CI edit pages.
  • FixFix double success message when updating integration settings.

v 1.89

13 November 2018

  • EnhancementPrint view for CI-s.
  • FixFix a situation where Watcher replying to a Ticket e-mail creates a new Ticket.

v 1.88

10 November 2018

  • EnhancementAutomatically add CC-d Users as Watchers on the Ticket.

v 1.87

9 November 2018

  • FeatureAbility to set SMTP settings for outgoing e-mail in your Account.
  • FixFix template agent placeholders adding requester placeholders.

v 1.86

24 October 2018

  • FeatureAutomatic warranty information collection for Lenovo assets.

v 1.85

21 October 2018

  • FeatureCustom domain support.

v 1.84

2 October 2018

  • FixFix Ticket due time calculation when User's time zone is different from Business Hours time zone.

v 1.83

18 September 2018

  • FeatureTeamViewer integration.

v 1.82

16 September 2018

  • FeatureAnnouncement Bar for account-wide annoucements.

v 1.81

4 September 2018

  • EnhancementAdd more possibilities to SLA escalation rules: notify selected Team, assigned Agent, assigned Team, assigned Agent's manager.

v 1.80

3 September 2018

  • FixFix autocomplete scrolling on Purchase Order form.
  • FixWhen copying Service Requests, cascading drop-down hierarchy is now preserved.

v 1.79

31 August 2018

  • FeatureUser self-registration possibility.
  • EnhancementShow CPU architecture and data width information on CI's inventory tab..

v 1.78

24 August 2018

  • EnhancementAdd Priority filter to SLA conditions.
  • EnhancementAdd 4 and 8 hours and 1, 2 and 4 days to "before" options on SLA escalation rules.
  • FixWhen copying SLA's, copy their exemptions too.

v 1.77

15 August 2018

  • FixFix a situation where the user was sometimes logged out after updating Purchase Order item rows.

v 1.76

9 August 2018

  • FeatureChange timesheet report.

v 1.75

6 August 2018

  • FeatureProblem timesheet report.

v 1.74

1 August 2018

  • FeatureAutomatic warranty information collection for HP assets.
  • EnhancementMove asset warranty collection settings to Settings->General->Integrations.

v 1.73

26 July 2018

  • FixFix Contracts sub search.
  • FixDo not allow Helpdesk Priority deletion when there are Tickets/Problems/Changes assigned to this Priority.

v 1.72

21 July 2018

  • EnhancementSignificantly improve page load times of Event Log listing.
  • EnhancementAdd time filtering options to Event Log listing.

v 1.71

17 July 2018

  • FixWhen calculating due times, do not count Ticket on-hold time twice when it's also off-hours.

v 1.70

11 July 2018

  • FeatureAdvanced search for Tasks.

v 1.69

9 July 2018

  • EnhancementSLA improvements: introduce "exemptions" to act as a "on hold" time for Tickets. When (re)calculating due times, time spent in these exempt Extended Statuses is considered as pause and added to the due time.
  • EnhancementRe-introduce time component to timestamp inputs (Due At fields on Ticket, Problem and Change) for clarity and precision. Improve the time selection part to be more user-friendly.

v 1.68

25 June 2018

  • EnhancementAdd an "Agents only" flag to Service Requests to mark the Service Request as visible to agents only.
  • EnhancementImprove autocomplete input styling.

v 1.67

13 June 2018

  • EnhancementUse a tree-view control for cascading dropdown fields on Service Request forms.

v 1.66

10 June 2018

  • EnhancementAdd icon and color to Service Request Category settings.
  • EnhancementAdd a "tiles" view type for Service Request listing.

v 1.65

9 June 2018

  • EnhancementAdd Ticket Number and Agent to Satisfaction Survey CSV export.
  • EnhancementMore constrast added to input field borders to make them more visible.

v 1.64

2 June 2018

  • FeatureCustom form builder and e-mail template for Satisfaction Surveys. Static rating and comment field replaced with customizable Custom Fields.
  • FeatureNew Number of Problems widget with many configuration options.
  • FeatureNew Number of Changes widget with many configuration options.
  • EnhancementDue time field on Tickets, Problems and Changes is now a date field.
  • EnhancementSatisfaction Survey report is now exportable to CSV.

v 1.63

18 April 2018

  • Enhancement Ability to set Ticket Custom Fields in Routing Rules.
  • Fix Fixes to prevent the system from going into an e-mail loop and becoming unresponsive.

v 1.62

5 April 2018

  • Fix Fix Ticket Assignee distribution widget possibly showing incorrect info when there was multiple widgets of that type on the dashboard.

v 1.61

4 April 2018

  • Enhancement Speed up Ticket list export about 4 times in some circumstances.

v 1.60

3 April 2018

  • Enhancement Ticket Assignee Distribution widget is now configurable with Ticket Type, Category and Team filters.
  • Fix Remove "is after" and "is on or before" timestamp predicates in search filters. These did not work as expected. "is before" and "is on or after" remain to handle all date filtering.
  • Fix Fix Ticket list export being paginated and returning only the first page when exporting to print view or CSV.
  • Fix Fix CI listing sub search not working.

v 1.59

2 April 2018

  • Enhancement Add links to Ticket due times Dashboard Widget.
  • Fix Fix CI details page showing an error when the listing page had a search applied.

v 1.58

31 March 2018

  • Feature New Dashboard Widget for counting the number of Tickets with a possibility to add many different filters (Type, Category, Priority, Team, Agent, Status, Ext. Status and date range).
  • Enhancement Today and Yesterday added as predefined report date ranges.
  • Enhancement On Ticket, Problem and Change reports make summary numbers link to their respective listings.
  • Enhancement Overall backend performance improvements.
  • Fix Fix Service Request form throwing an error at certain circumstances when adding/changing a Cascading Dropdown field.
  • Fix Fix links to Ticket list in reports. The date range in Ticket list used to be one day short. This is now fixed.

v 1.57

14 March 2018

  • Fix Fix Routing Rule match events and Ticket changes recorded in the Event Log list as caused by the User. Now they are recorded correctly as made by the System.

v 1.56

13 March 2018

  • Enhancement Move "Add time entry" button to the top of the Time Entries list.

v 1.55

12 March 2018

  • Enhancement Significant performance improvements on Ticket simple search.

v 1.54

9 March 2018

  • Fix Fix Remote Tools not working on the CI details page.

v 1.53

26 February 2018

  • Enhancement API: add default Ticket Comment publicness to Account info response.

v 1.52

2 February 2018

  • Fix Fix Ticket CSV import error detection.
  • Fix Fix default Ticket Comment privacy setting not using the Account setting.
  • Fix Datetimes in e-mails are now converted to recipient's time zone.

v 1.51

1 February 2018

  • Feature New Routing Rule action: Assign to Requester.

v 1.50

31 January 2018

  • Fix Fix Saved Search deletion not working properly.

v 1.49

30 January 2018

  • Feature Ticket CSV import.

v 1.48

29 January 2018

  • Enhancement Possibility to bulk print Tickets.

v 1.47

25 January 2018

  • Enhancement Allow configuring the amount days on the "Contracts expiring in 14 days" widget.

v 1.46

19 January 2018

  • Fix Fix warranty gathering of Dell CIs.

v 1.45

11 December 2017

  • Feature New Ticket fields are available for routing: IsSpam and SpamScore. They are set by SpamAssassin for all Tickets coming from email.
  • Fix File upload issue that occured in Internet Explorer 11 has been fixed

v 1.44

27 November 2017

  • Feature New dashboard widget: number of my pending Approvals
  • Enhancement Now you can use fields of corresponding Ticket, Problem or Change in Task e-mail notification templates
  • Enhancement New User placeholders: email, phone, mobile, designation, location. They are available across all email notifications and email templates
  • Enhancement Print view of Satisfaction Survey Summary report now includes customer reviews
  • Enhancement Agents are now ordered correctly in Agent select box in reports and "Number of open Tickets assigned to selected Agent" settings

v 1.43

20 November 2017

  • Enhancement BOSSDesk now tracks who has created and who has closed the Ticket. This information is available on Ticket page and as a selectable column or a filter on Tickets page
  • Enhancement New Routing Rule Condition: Ticket is coming from Postbox <postbox name>
  • Enhancement New advanced search filters for Users: Group is set, Group is not set, Team is <team name>, Team is not <team name>, Team is set, Team is not set
  • Enhancement Comments, Approval Requests, CIs and Timesheet sections do not show in Ticket print view when they are empty

v 1.42

13 November 2017

  • Feature New Routing Rule Action: Add Watcher
  • Enhancement "Description" has been added to the available columns list on Tickets list page
  • Fix Links in Service Request title are now displayed correctly

v 1.41

6 November 2017

  • Enhancement SiteAgent now correctly handles CIs that have been removed from ActiveDirectory domain and added again under different names
  • Fix Task order in timesheet form is now correctly preserved

v 1.40

23 October 2017

  • Enhancement Agents now can add notes to Ticket, Problem and Change time entries

v 1.39

16 October 2017

  • Feature Search you perform on Tickets page is persisted now. Every time you open Tickets page your last search will be applied by default
  • Enhancement New column on Watched Tickets page: "Requester"
  • Enhancement "Agent" and "Requester" columns on Watched Tickets page are now sortable
  • Fix Bug that prevented Users from downloading Knowledge Base attachments has been fixed

v 1.38

26 September 2017

  • Enhancement Ticket, Problem and Change re-open by e-mail reply from requester is optional now. You can disable it in Settings -> Incident Management -> General Settings section if you wish.
  • Enhancement Password reset is case-insensitive now
  • Fix Password reset issues have been resolved

v 1.37

19 September 2017

  • Feature Non-agent Users now can watch Tickets, Problems and Changes
  • Feature New section on Requester Portal: Watched Tickets, Problems and Changes
  • Enhancement Simple search on "My Tickets" page


30 August 2017

  • Enhancement 'Warranties' CI advanced search column
  • Fix Minor bug that occured when attachment link was copied from one ticket description to another has been fixed


28 August 2017

  • Feature New watcher notifications: Ticket watched, Ticket no longer watched. Same for Problems and Changes
  • Enhancement Now agents can view Tickets, Problems and Changes they are watching on web portal
  • Enhancement 'Does not contain' advanced search condition
  • Fix "Status" column on approval requests list page
  • Fix Advanced search now works correctly when search dropdowns contain special characters


4 August 2017

  • Feature User Active Directory password reset possibility using security questions
  • Enhancement Search also Comment texts when using Ticket/Problem/Change simple search


24 July 2017

  • Feature New report: Satisfaction Survey Summary
  • Fix Clicking on a link in Ticket Requester section(email, other email, phone, mobile) now opens appropriate application that can handle the link


12 July 2017

  • Fix Fix Helpdesk Categories listing under settings when there are a lot of Teams under a Category.
  • Fix Fix Ticket Routing Rule form when there is a routing-enabled rich text field on a Service Request form.


22 June 2017

  • Fix Do not show Approval Requests of closed or deleted Tickets/Problems/Changes on admin or user portal approvals list.


21 June 2017

  • Fix Fix Event logs throwing an error in some circumstances.
  • Fix Do not add empty Event logs rows during CI inventory update when nothing changed.


20 June 2017

  • Feature Event logs: log changes of Tickets, Problems, Changes, CIs and Users. Also capture events about those objects, like notifications sent, SLAs violated and Routing Rules matched.
  • Feature Task system searches: My Tasks, My Open Tasks
  • Enhancement Allow scheduling a Scheduled Task once a year.
  • Enhancement CI Custom Fields can now be deleted even when they are used on CIs, like Custom Fields for Tickets, Problems, etc.


29 May 2017

  • Feature Satisfaction Surveys
  • Feature Scheduler with one initial task: Create Ticket
  • Feature Ability to request Approval from multiple Users or a whole Approval Board at once
  • Enhancement Now you can set Ticket, Problem and Change due at date and time precisely


8 May 2017

  • Feature Now you can forward e-mail from your mail server to * e-mail address
  • Feature Now you can create a Ticket via e-mail distribution list
  • Feature Now you can add BOSSDesk e-mail address to CC or even BCC list on your e-mail and Ticket will be properly created
  • Feature Customizable e-mail filters that stop creation of tickets and comments from incoming mail when its subject matches pre-defined pattern (e.g. "Out of Office")
  • Feature New "Change Ticket Due Date" permission. Agents who have it can set Due Date of any Ticket to arbitrary value
  • Feature Possibility to customize the title of Tickets that are created from Service Requests


1 May 2017

  • Feature Rich text editor option for Service Request custom fields
  • Enhancement You can now distinguish between users with same first and last name
  • Enhancement SiteAgent does not override manually set Ci Type anymore
  • Enhancement Improved User deletion; you can now easily delete User who's a part of RoutingRules, SLAs and more
  • Enhancement Add heading custom fields to Ticket descriptions when created through a Service Request
  • Enhancement Add more info to Ticket change logs
  • Enhancement Add "Primary User", "GUID", "SiteAgent" to CIs advanced search
  • Enhancement Add "GUID", "SiteAgent" to Users advanced search
  • Enhancement Add "is not" predicates to advanced searches
  • FixText on Ticket "save" and "reply" buttons does not disappear anymore


26 April 2017

  • Feature Ticket/Problem/Change will be reopened when Requester replies to it via e-mail
  • Feature Contracts CSV import
  • Feature Contracts CSV export
  • Feature "My watched Tickets" dashboard widget
  • Fix Numbers on some dashboard widgets were cut off when they were longer than 3 digits
  • Fix Do not use HTML formatting in CSV export


24 April 2017

  • Feature Ability to view your employees' Tickets for Agents and non-Agent Users
  • Feature Ability to view Tickets you are watching for Agents and non-Agent Users
  • Feature SiteAgent is now capable of archiving assets that were deleted in AD
  • Feature Non-agent Users now can approve or disapprove Tickets, Problems and Changes
  • Fix Tag list in search filters on Ticket Summary report was empty.


21 April 2017

  • Enhancement Add Ticket number to available columns list and make it a link. Also make Ticket title column a link
  • Enhancement Do not show day of week in datetime columns in Ticket CSV and print views
  • Fix "Unauthorized software usage" report raised an error when filtering by software
  • Fix Fix an error when saving or updating a saved search that has lots of filters


20 April 2017

  • Feature Non-agent Users now can approve or disapprove Tickets, Problems and Changes
  • Feature Approvals view for Agents
  • Feature My Approvals view for non-agent Users
  • Enhancement Allow password lengths up to 128 characters.
  • Enhancement Now you can delete Tags already in use
  • Enhancement Helpdesk settings "Suppress team notifications when agent is set" works for all kinds of notifications
  • Fix Approval Email Notification templates now show all available placeholders.


3 April 2017

  • Feature Tickets CSV export.
  • Enhancement Do not show barcode for VMware virtual machines.
  • Enhancement Show users Tickets on user details page.


24 March 2017

  • Feature New Ticket Routing Rule action: Unassign Agent.
  • Feature Vendor CSV import.
  • Enhancement Ability to search by installed Software on CI advanced search.
  • Enhancement Ability to add multiple contacts to Vendors.


20 March 2017

  • Feature Location import (CSV).
  • Enhancement Better formatting of Service Request fields data on Ticket show page.
  • Enhancement Links to Ticket/Problem/Change listings on report pie charts.
  • Fix Tasks of deleted Tickets, Problems or Changes no longer show up on Task listing.
  • Fix Adding/editing a paragraph custom field did not work properly on Service Request design form.


14 March 2017

  • Feature Ticket data overwrite detection when two or more Agents simultaneously update a Ticket.
  • Feature Automatic warranty info collection for Dell CIs.
  • Feature New Knowledge Base Article visibilty setting: visible to users from selected User Groups
  • Feature Now SiteAgent can pull information about User's manager from ActiveDirectory.
  • Enhancement Include uncategorized Ticket counts on Ticket Category Distribution widgets.
  • Enhancement Include Tickets without a Team on Ticket Team Distribution widget.
  • Enhancement Include unassigned Ticket counts on Ticket Assignee Distribution widget.
  • Fix On certain conditions Tasks listing view could have caused an error message to be shown.
  • Fix Ticket/Problem reply button bug that occured on attachment upload has been fixed.


7 March 2017

  • Enhancement Possibility to sort by Custom Fields (Ticket and CI listings).
  • Fix Only show Tasks of open Tickets, Problems and Changes on the Tasks listing.


2 March 2017

  • Feature New account setting: default Ticket Comment visibility (private or public)
  • Feature New account setting: show or hide "Forget password?" and "Remember me" buttons on Log In page
  • Enhancement Possibility to manually edit CI's IP and MAC addresses


27 Febraury 2017

  • Feature Now User can belong to multiple Groups at the same time
  • Feature Now SiteAgent can assign User to multiple Groups imported from ActiveDirectory. User assignment to BOSSDesk Group is no longer overwritten by SiteAgent
  • Enhancement Confirm Ticket, Problem or Change close when they have either no Comments, open Tasks or pending Approval Requests.


22 February 2017

  • Feature Ticket, Problem, Change watchers
  • Feature New E-mail notification templates
  • Feature New Approval Request notification templates.
  • Enhancement Cascading dropdown type for custom fields.
  • Enhancement Column selection for Tickets list.
  • Enhancement Enable embedded video in the text editor.
  • Enhancement Enable Ticket, Problem and Change custom field placeholders in e-mail templates (for all category custom fields).
  • Enhancement Allow case-insensitive username on login.
  • Enhancement Add Ticket Task data to timesheet report.
  • Fix Display Team and status changes on Ticket change logs list.
  • Fix On some rare occasions clicking on a saved search resulted in an error.
  • Fix Depending on data, timesheet report may have produced wrong numbers in the Ticket list's billable or non-billable column.


7 February 2017

  • Feature Tasks view for Agents
  • Enhancement Possibilty to send an email notification to Ticket requester in Routing
  • Enhancement Possibilty to send an email notification to an arbitrary email address in Routing
  • Enhancement Added username to email template placeholders
  • Enhancement Possibility to link a Ticket to a Problem on Ticket details screen
  • Enhancement Possibility to link a Ticket to a Change on Ticket details screen
  • Enhancement Possibility to link Tickets to CIs on CI details page
  • Enhancement Show search name on Tickets print view if a saved search is applied
  • Enhancement Added tags filter to Tickets advanced search
  • Enhancement Added "contains word" predicate to Routing rule conditions
  • Fix Display of cascading dropdown fields on Routing rule form
  • Fix CI CSV export by displaying text instead of HTML code
  • Fix Login on the mobile app when AD authentication is used
  • Fix Back button not working when opening a print view
  • Fix Overly eager SLA notifications


16 January 2017

  • Enhancement Now Ticket entries on Ticket list page display number of Tasks
  • Enhancement Now pie chart labels have data count written on them
  • Enhancement Now default Ticket Type value in new Ticket form is set to blank to make sure User selects something meaningful


26 December 2016

  • Enhancement Now outgoing emails have company name as the sender name
  • Fix Now Tickets created from forwarded email conversations have the whole conversation in the description


28 November 2016

  • Feature New Routing Rule and SLA condition: what Service Request does the Ticket correspond to
  • Feature New Routing Rule action: set Ticket Type


7 November 2016

  • Feature New dashboard widgets: number of open Tasks and number of my open Tasks for Tickets, Problems and Changes
  • Feature New Routing Rule and SLA matcher: match any Ticket regardless of conditions
  • Enhancement Simple search improvements: ability to filter Tickets, Problems and Changes by Agent
  • Enhancement Now User can select preferable duration format(hours:minutes or decimal format) as a part of his profile settings now
  • Enhancement Now SLA targets can be disabled individually
  • Enhancement New CSV CI import column: users. Users with given usernames will be automatically associated with the CI
  • Enhancement Ability to filter Timesheet report data by Agent


24 October 2016

  • Feature New reports: Problem summary and Change summary
  • Enhancement Now Service Request ticket type is configurable. All tickets created through given Service Request form will have this Ticket Type instead of default "SR" value


17 October 2016

  • Feature New Service Request custom field type: file upload field
  • Feature New Routing Rule action: request Approval from User
  • Feature New Routing Rule conditions: greater than and lower than
  • Enhancement Now User who submits Service Request is being redirected to intermediate success page


10 October 2016

  • Feature Customizable header color and icon
  • Feature Ability to consolidate group of Software into one Software
  • Feature Ability to consolidate group of Manufacturers into one Manufacturer
  • Feature Basic Problem and Change widgets
  • Enhancement Feedback button is not shown to requesters anymore
  • Enhancement Service Request description and short description are optional now
  • Enhancement Pie-chart widgets are clickable and have count on labels(Closed: 57) now
  • Fix Commenting on Ticket, Problem or Change correctly updates "Updated At" field


2 October 2016

  • Feature Ability to link CIs to each other
  • Feature New system searches: my tickets, my overdue tickets, my open tickets, my closed tickets (same for problems and changes)
  • Feature Clickable ticket widgets
  • Enhancement Now you can see whether ticket is linked to a problem or change on tickets list page
  • Fix Task e-mail notifications are fired correctly when task is being created via Ticket routing rule


26 September 2016

  • Feature New ticket routing rule action: add task
  • Feature User search improvements and advanced search
  • Feature User custom fields
  • Enhancement More descriptive e-mail notifications


19 September 2016

  • Feature Printable tickets
  • Feature Regular ticket creation on end-user portal can be disabled if you wish to route all incoming requests through Service Catalog
  • Enhancement CI alias field has been renamed to description
  • Enhancement More inventory columns are available for advanced search


12 September 2016

  • Feature Pre-defined system CI searches: archived CIs, CIs with and without software, CIs with and without inventory
  • Enhancement Customizable icons for CI types and therefore CIs


5 September 2016

  • Feature New custom field type for Service Requests: cascading dropdown
  • Feature Problem attachments
  • Feature Change attachments
  • Feature Vendor custom fields
  • Enhancement Attachment upload animation and other UI improvements
  • Enhancement Now teams settings page lists team's members and categories team has access to
  • Enhancement Now helpdesk categories settings page lists teams that have access to the category