Saved Searches

Saved searches can be used in BOSSDesk to very quickly look up an asset, a group of assets, Users or tickets based on specific attributes. This can be especially useful since these saved searches are then available for quick use on both the web Application and BOSSDesk Mobile Application.

  1. Navigate to CMDB , Tickets or users , whichever you wish to create the search for
  2. Click on the Advance search button
  3. Click on add a filter group (you can add as many filter groups as you like)
  4. Click add a filter (You can add as many filters as you like)
  5. You can move available columns to selected columns for additional search criteria
  6. You can now either apply the search, update an existing search or save the search as a new search. Note: Users with enough permissions have the ability to set the search as global.

How to create a Saved search tutorial video