How to Configure Password Reset


  • Must have purchased the Password Reset module
  • A service account capable of resetting user passwords
  • Access to the server the BOSSDesk SiteAgent is running on

How to Configure

  1. Navigate to Settings>Authentication Management>Active Directory within the BOSSDesk Admin Portal
  2. Check the box for "Password Reset via AD enabled"
  3. Navigate to Settings>Authentication Management>Password reset Security Questions
  4. Create at least 5 security questions to be used by your organization
  5. Log on to the Server running the SiteAgent
  6. Double click the desktop icon to start the BOSSDesk GUI, if not already started. it will automatically be minimized to the taskbar.
  7. right click on the icon in the taskbar, and click "Settings".
  8. Enable the switch for "AD Password Reset"
  9. Enter the service account credentials and click the checkmark to save your settings
  10. At this point Password reset is enabled for the system. the next steps detail how an individual user can set up their security questions.

Configuring individual Security Questions

  1. in the Top-Righ Corner of BOSSDesk, click "Profile"
  2. click "My Profile"
  3. You should have a second tab labeled "Security Questions"
  4. once on that tab, add at minimum 5 security question answers
  5. You should now be able to use BOSSDesk AD Password Reset