Welcome to BOSSSDesk©

What is BOSSDesk?

BOSSDesk is a cloud-based environment where you can organize, manage and analyze detailed business processes through a secure, yet flexible information center.

What does BOSSDesk provide?

  • Asset management – BOSSDesk tracks and managed assets throughout the service lifecycle
  • Automatic discovery – agent-free and non-intrusive discovery tools providing immediate and detailed inventory
  • Purchase management – track and manage purchases and assets by automating purchase workflow
  • Contract management – track and manage contracts and licenses. Attach relevant documents and set alerts for contract expiration
  • Dashboards – a powerful, customizable management tool offering real time visibility and business intelligence
  • Deployment – distribute, install, update and uninstall software applications remotely as well as automatically
  • Software management – BOSSDesk reduces the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing
  • Vendor management – complete visibility and control over any given contract from its inception to its renewal or cancellation


BOSSDesk also offers integraions with the following services:

  • Dell Warranty API
  • HP Warranty API
  • Lenovo Warranty API
  • TeamViewer Remote Support

How is BOSSDesk documentation organized?

  • Overview
  • Standards and Terminology
  • User Guide
  • How Do I?
  • API Documentation
  • Release Notes

Standards and Terminology


The Help documentation icon opens BOSSDesk documentation. This screen gives you access to the BOSSDesk system overview, a user guide, a section entitled “How Do I”, API documentation and release notes.

Customer Support

To access Customer support, select the floating envelope icon on the right side of your screen. After selecting this icon, a dialog box appears. Fill out:

  • Category
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Click [Send].

The Official BOSSDesk forum can be found at https://forum.bossdesk.io

The BOSSDesk support email is support@boss.bossdesk.io