How to enable IMAP

  1. Go to settings | E-mail settings | Postboxes
  2. Click the blue plus icon to create a new postbox
  3. Change the type to IMAP
  4. Enter the email address of the SMTP account we are connecting to in the E-mail address line
  5. Select the category for the postbox (optional)
  6. Select the team for the postbox (optional)

IMAP Credentials

  1. Enter the E-mail address of the incoming mail server
  2. Enter the user name and password of the SMTP account
  3. Enter the port number
  4. Select use SSL if your are currently using it
  5. Click test to verify that we have a connection
  6. click save Note: IMAP works on a 10-minute delay. Every 10 minutes we will check the server and import any unread messages. We will only import unread messages. If a message was read on the server and remains in a read status it will not be imported